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That’s true. All of my savings are in my game. This is not an amount like with Cuphead,
but to me, this is all of my wealth. I’ve put extreme nights into the game. Sometimes I didn’t sleep for days (!) just to make everything fine on the release day that is today on October 12th, 2017.

Pirates don’t care about the struggle of indie devs. But if the climate won’t change soon, you won’t get indie games like Computer Tycoon in the future. Because of that, I made a simple plan and a simple message for people pirating my game. Something that people will easily understand.

Influencers can put pictures onto the floppy disc in the main menu of the game. Something like this:

And I uploaded the game myself to piratebay.. This is my plan in three pictures:

Pirates could download the game in 1-2 days anyway. But now at least they will get a virus free version and I will have a message for them to consider. After seeing the message for 50 seconds they can continue playing. Who knows, if the press will like this, maybe I will hit stronger than the Game Dev Tycoon!

I will update this post about the download statistics of the PirateBay Version. But please people, support me and BUY it if you like it at least. Still, it is much better than with the cinema, where you don’t know what will you buy, right? I count on you, thank you!


UPDATE: October 14th,2017 – The first Conversion!

I’m also poor. Really. I barely can pay my rent, I don’t have a car, I have only my PC, software and instruments such as guitars and a big midi keyboard. That’s it after 10 years of work as an IT specialist. Am I rich then, or is it okay to steal from me? We can always have excuses when we do something wrong,- it’s easier than saying: I’m sorry.

I’m really afraid of financial failure.

But at least this guy did the right thing eventually! Or maybe it was way too frustrating to watch a “Commandore” screen after every 100 days in the game? Who knows, but I hope more will do the same.
At this moment the game was bought by 803 people. The torrent version (and I already found multiple other pirated versions as well – of the game isn’t online for 48 hours), but it must have thousands of users, what could change my life and give birth for more games.

I’d love to hear some reactions about that.


UPDATE: October 15th,2017 – The usual bad numbers.

3 days after the release we really have now “clear pirate” versions and from the statistics I can clearly see thousands of downloaders – meanwhile the game just reached the 1000 copies mark.
I guess from now on it will be very hard to fight against this.



Computer Tycoon is the first game about Computer Evolution, could be called the “Steve Jobs Simulator”. I offered the game’s trailer in his memory on October 5th on the 6th anniversary of his passing.

Check out the trailer and the game, or… even buy it here:



Computer Tycoon’s trailer in Memory Of Steve Jobs, and a bit of back story!

Why Steve jobs?

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”

Hi << Test First Name >>! This is a quote from Steve that I’m sure many knows. At the age of 10, I’ve built myself my first (very outdated) computer. When I played my first management games – I already knew that I MUST be a game developer. Unfortunately, my financial situation and generally the Hungarian environment didn’t let me do so.

Eventually, I became a developer and ended up being a solution architect/product owner. I led a project about biometric signatures for banks and the gov – I wasn’t poor anymore, I was well-paid and successful.

And unhappy.

I saw Steve talking about passion and motivation a lot of times during my life. And after a decade in the IT industry, I decided to give up my career, and try to make the huge step just from a hobbyist to be a real indie game dev.

Here is another quote:
“For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.”

I burn my savings. I barely sleep. I risk a LOT. But now I’m happy – and I really hope that people will like what I created. That’s why I wanted to contribute the game to HIS memory! Also, I cannot tell any other name having a bigger impact on the computer industry. This is his death anniversary – but I hope that today I can give him a tribute by doing this – I’m sure that people will remember him for a very long time.

“Computer Tycoon is an indie business strategy game about Computer Evolution and starting your own company in the 70s. Lead the research race until 2034, create the best hardware and operating system, take care of your infrastructure and even handle your marketing. Find video game gems to promote them on your platforms, conquer the global market and became literally immortal. Players control the game from a world map from which the objective is to control available resources”

At this moment the feedbacks are great. The game often hits the first place on the IndieDB charts from more than 40k games, that is awesome. I’m really happy about that. If you’d like to upload the trailer somewhere, or feature it in any videos before the EA release on October 12th, feel free to do so, here you can download it for yourself:

Thanks for being here and supporting me! Every RT and share means a LOT to me!

It is not easy to release a game

Hello Everybody,

I’m still here! My original release date was October 5. Unfortunately, because of a stupid mistake of mine and ergonomy error of the Steam page, I won’t be able to release the game on that specific day. I am very sad about this. It meant a lot to me.
What happened? Well you know, since steam direct every game must be online as coming soon for two weeks. So I prepared everything, made the trailer and filled out the long forms on steam, including those related to early access. The problem was that I missed checking the “early access” checkbox.

This is mainly because I work during nights as well, I guess I was tired. But this is also an ergonomic problem of the site. Why can you fill out multiple text boxes related to specifically EA when you didn’t check the EA checkbox in the first place? Doesn’t matter now, I wasn’t able to get any feedback from steam in time. I’m late.

Because of this, I must postpone the whole process. Still, I’d like to devote the game to Steve, but how could I do that without releasing the game on the anniversary day? Well, I will release the trailer on that day instead, and I will release the game on Oct 12.

That’s all folks, soon I will post some fresh media for you because the game changed a lot since I last posted a picture.

Planned Early Access Date – And some lines about Steve Jobs

Computer Tycoon is a business simulation game about the computer industry. You can start your journey in the 70s by starting your own company. We plan the Early Access release date to be Oct 5. 2017 in memory of Steve Jobs who is an iconic figure in the history of computers.

I highly recommend you to check out the Wikipedia page about him if you are interested!
Steve Jobs on Wikipedia

Although Computer Tycoon isn’t about Steve Jobs, we cannot deny that he has a big influence on our game by just simply having a huge influence on the industry.


*Some characters to choose from in the game
Back in the 70s we first had so called “Home Computer” just like in Computer Tycoon. The name is very accurate, but after a while marketing guys thought that they should avoid the expression because people will think that these are only for gaming. As time passed we got the IBM compatible PCs with replaceable parts. (Well, in fact upgrading from a given CPU to another was very hard and rare, but the marketing guys achieved their aim to make people believe that it’s easy)

And today we have two big class of “Home Computers” that we don’t call like that. PCs and MAC. Why? Well, the PC architecture became very famous, meanwhile, the only computer system that didn’t follow it and was able to be financially profitable at the same time was Steve Job’s Macintosh.

And here we are. Please check out the pictures from the game, and subscribe to MY MAILING LIST – with that you can win a free copy of the game before release.

A Home Computer VS a Personal Computer from the game:



Hidden Animals: English – Spanish


Hello everybody,

I’m glad to tell you that Hidden Animals: English – Spanish, my relaxing hidden object game is officially released to windows.

You can buy the game here for a really low price.

The game is still waiting in Steam Greenlight. If you have an account and would like to get it there, or just want a steam key next to your purchase, please vote here.

Cheers guys 🙂

*Linux and OSX versions are included, too. But they aren’t tested. Please tell me if you have any feedback!

Fighting with Time

Hello Everybody,

It’s a long time since I last posted here something…

Well, what is the first thing that you should be aware if you are an indie dev? The answer is easy: the project scope. Oh yes, you read this time after time, maybe you are a leader in the IT business with a lot of experience, but still you make the usual mistake.

I was working on a network layer for years to create my dream game. The framework, the basics with a complete network layer is done. So I thought that now maybe I should go part-time and start my indie life. I tried it, and well 2 days a week extra for my weekends wasn’t enough to accomplish my goal. It’s still not enough, unfortunately. My scope is just too big for now.

That’s why I started a smaller project. Here I made the mistake to choose a game style that isn’t interesting to me at all. Yes! Another failed project.

Lessons learned, but I’m still fighting with time.

But hey! “Lessons learned” right? So know I’m ready to start and finish something! In fact it did happen: I made a language learning hidden object game called “Hidden Animals: English – Spanish”. The scope was small and I’m really interested in language learning. It’s not the best game on the world, neither too much innovative, but it’s a product. It’s something that I can offer for people. That’s a good feeling.

I think all of us will learn our lessons themselves. And it’s better than not learning them.

May I ask you to vote to my game on steam greenlight?

Thanks and have a nice day!

Short Summary About Living as an Indie Game Developer

Hello everybody,

If you wonder how it’s going as an Indie developer, well I can tell you… It’s awesome and it’s very tiring.

Doing YOUR stuffs is a great thing, but until you get paid, moreover paid well… it’s likely that you have some contract works just as I have. I work 3 days from a week in the business industry. This day was one of them… And now I’m collecting contacts into my CRM system, and I post some lines here. Yes, these are included in the package called “indie developer life”.

Needless to say: It’s worth it.