About The Author

Hey everybody!

My name is András Illés and it is the official blog/forum page of Progorion LLC based in Hungary. I’ve been creating games and music for around 12 years now.

As a composer I have some metal releases with russian labels and many unreleased piano records and trailer related and scoring cues. You can check some of my works under the “Progorion’s music” menu. I’d like to work for music libraries in the future. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in my music.

As a gamer and indie game developer, I’m interested in sci-fi, business and strategy game projects. I have a Hidden Object Langauge Learning Game called Hidden Animals (The current version is for Spanish), next to my futuristic grand strategy game called “Animal Dominion” where cats, dogs and rates are fighting on the post-apocalyptic Earth.

At this very moment I’m working on Computer Tycoon, the computer business simulator.

I will definitely share with you some more information. Feel free to follow me on twitter or opt in to my newsletter!

Have a nice day!