It is not easy to release a game

Hello Everybody,

I’m still here! My original release date was October 5. Unfortunately, because of a stupid mistake of mine and ergonomy error of the Steam page, I won’t be able to release the game on that specific day. I am very sad about this. It meant a lot to me.
What happened? Well you know, since steam direct every game must be online as coming soon for two weeks. So I prepared everything, made the trailer and filled out the long forms on steam, including those related to early access. The problem was that I missed checking the “early access” checkbox.

This is mainly because I work during nights as well, I guess I was tired. But this is also an ergonomic problem of the site. Why can you fill out multiple text boxes related to specifically EA when you didn’t check the EA checkbox in the first place? Doesn’t matter now, I wasn’t able to get any feedback from steam in time. I’m late.

Because of this, I must postpone the whole process. Still, I’d like to devote the game to Steve, but how could I do that without releasing the game on the anniversary day? Well, I will release the trailer on that day instead, and I will release the game on Oct 12.

That’s all folks, soon I will post some fresh media for you because the game changed a lot since I last posted a picture.