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Planned Early Access - 05 Oct, 2017 in memory of Steve Jobs



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Computer Tycoon is a business simulator PC game. In Computer Tycoon you replay the history of the computer industry by starting your own company in the 70s. Create the best computers, research new kinds of technology, take care of your infrastructure and even handle your marketing. Become the leader of the global market!


You can find a complete article about the connection of Andris towards computers and games here: http://progorion.com/blog/2017/05/17/computer-tycoon/ Computer Tycoon is basically a milestone in the life of Andris and Progorion from every aspect. "There are three things in my life that I always had a passion for: Computers, simulator/strategy games, and music. Well, the third is slightly less important in my story now, but the first two had a huge impact on my life. That’s why I joined the IT industry: I always wanted to be a game developer. Unfortunately, my financial background didn’t give me the chance to be a game developer in Hungary, so I went into the business sector and games and game development stayed to be a hobby. I reached over 10 years of experience in a “solution architect” position so far, but something happened a year ago,- I decided to change my life and to share my life. To give something to the people around me, especially for youngsters. They will never have the chance to do what I did, how I learned about computers. The IT sector develops just way too fast for that since the 70s. I’d like to push everything into a game. About games, about computers, about the poor kid’s dream of making money haha) Computer Tycoon is going to be my first real child. (oh yes, I’d love to have real ones in the future, but I’m just burning my career right now haha! ) Being a bit more serious, this is my BIG business game now, but it’s not a simulation anymore, and the difficulty is hard." Andris has decieded to put the early access to 05 October when Steve Jobs passad away. "Although Computer Tycoon isn't about Steve Jobs, we cannot deny that he has a big influence on our game by just simply having a huge influence on the industry. Back in the 70s we first had so called "Home Computer" just like in Computer Tycoon. The name is very accurate, but after a while marketing guys thought that they should avoid the expression because people will think that these are only for gaming. As time passed we got the IBM compatible PCs with replaceable parts. (Well, in fact upgrading from a given CPU to another was very hard and rare, but the marketing guys achieved their aim to make people believe that it's easy)." "And today we have two big class of "Home Computers" that we don't call like that. PCs and MAC. Why? Well, the PC architecture became very famous, meanwhile, the only computer system that didn't follow it and was able to be financially profitable at the same time was Steve Job's Macintosh."


  • Start a computer manufacturer company in the 70s
  • Design and create hardware and computer
  • Rule the market of the world on a grand strategy level
  • Research and study the technology of the earliest models to the near future computers
  • Expand your industrial sites across the globe
  • Conduct industry changing products
  • Unlock achievements
  • Community Translations




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About Progorion LLC

Progorion is a young one-man company based in Hungary (EU). It was formed by gaming geek András Illés in 2016 next to his business career as a Solution Architect. His aim for the next years is to reach a professional level with his works, even though he has been creating games and music for around 12 years now. Andris does ALL the programming, design and music for all of his games. He has a strong focus on sci-fi settings and strategy/simulation/management and casual games.

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András Illés
Business & Development, Progorion

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