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    Feel free to leave a message here. Ask if you have any questions!


    Fantastic work….I love the idea that there are still original “bedroom coders” out there like the Oliver Twins! I wish you all the best and hope you have success like they did!!



    Welcome on the Forum! 🙂

    Thank you very much, Scott! I’m trying very hard. By the way, you were the first real commenter here! Cheers! 🙂



    I bought your game on Steam and i really like it. I see that you are very talented in creating games. I am interested in supporting and investing in your future games. Only if you are interested of course:) Please feel free to contact me on my email: dinkov86@gmail.com

    Best Regards
    Dinko Dinkov



    Thanks Dinko Dinkov,

    I’m gonna send you an email to talk a bit!





    Is there somewhere to place bugreports?
    After today’s upgrade, you can not select the old computer. Both Design and on Market.



    Hi mate,

    Thank you very much for reaching out! Feel free to send it to support@progorion.com
    I save file is always very useful. You can find it here:
    c:\Users\progo\AppData\LocalLow\Progorion\Computer Tycoon\
    just replace the username “progo” with yours.

    Thanks again,


    Michal Piotrowski


    As I prommised in “steam screenshot” email thread I’ll give you some of my ideas that I wanted to implement in my game.

    First – your game is realy great. So far, I played 24 hours in 15 days – it’s very much for my time options 🙂

    Hardware development side is great. I would suggest you one change there – allow people to create own cpu architecture.

    Software development – here is how I imagined it for my game.

    You need to allow users to develop languages and compilators.

    For languages:
    – low level
    – mid level
    – high level

    Low level language allows you to optimize your software for each architecture. Development is slow, but users receive fast programs. Applications are not multiplatform. Something like an assembler. Applications can be reallu buggy and hard to debug.

    Mid level is something like C. Applications are developed faster than in assembler, they are a bit buggy – all these overflows. Applications are cross platform.

    High level is something like C#. Applications are developed fast, they are cross platform, less buggy, but they are also slower than developed in lower level languages.

    Software development should have its own department. You should be able to create an operating system for your computers (architecture), but also for computers created by other companies (if your compilator allows you to build to other os/architecture).

    Software department should be able to produce software like:
    – office suites
    – games
    – professional cad/cam/photoshop like programs (different tech trees)
    – software libraries/game engines

    In other words you should be able to play in this game as a sofware company like – Microsoft that produces a software for hardware that is on the market.

    If you implement this software side (I guess that you already have almost all pieces in your engine to implement it) than this game for me will be best tech company tycoon ever. If you don’t want to do this, don’t worry, this game is still great 🙂 (but maybe one day, I’ll implement my idea)

    P.S. Your website http://www.computertycoon.com/ loads slow – you may want to try https://tinypng.com/ to optimize images

    Best regards,



    Hi! Will the game have Russian language support? The game itself I didn’t buy because I don’t want to play the game with the interface in English.
    Perhaps you need help in translation of the game interface in Russian language? I have the opportunity to help you with the translation. If you are interested in my offer then contact me by email, tell in detail in the correspondence: Silos666@tut.by

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