Computer Tycoon

In Computer Tycoon you replay the history of the computer industry by starting your own company in the 70s.

Hidden Animals: English - Spanish

A relaxing Spanish learning Hidden Object Game

Animal Dominion: Cats, Dogs and Rats

A real time grand strategy game in a futuristic setting.

Star Temple TD

The best spaceship tower defense game on the internet by Krisztián Szijj.

About Progorion:

Progorion is a young one-man company based in Hungary (EU). It was formed by gaming geek András Illés in 2016 next to his business career as a Solution Architect. His aim for the next years is to reach a professional level with his works, even though he has been creating games and music for around 12 years now. Andris does ALL the programming, design and music for all of his games. He has a strong focus on sci-fi settings and strategy/simulation/management and casual games.

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I'd like to start a youtube channel about my experiences in the music and game industry, giving tutorials and reviews. Please let me know if you are interested in getting a review about your game, especially if it's somehow connected to space or spaceships. Oh... I love spaceships!

I hope you will enjoy my work, feel free to contact me at: progorion_AT_outlook_DOT_com

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